Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guess It's my turn now...

Yes Folks, a new blog, background and header. I will explain these new changes for me.

Firstly, you all noticed a cloud picture in the banner. This to me represents freedom more then anything. The freedom to move about the country, whether in a plane, train or cars.

I absolutely love to fly, no denying it what so ever. When I was feeling down, and troubled by the things on the ground, I would go hop on a plane (this was when I used to fly for free), and go take off somewhere, anywhere. Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, the country was at my finger tips. The freedom to do so was amazing. We would take off, and I would see the clouds coming closer, and closer then finally we are eye level with it. Flying above the clouds, gives me a relaxation for me. I sit back, sigh, close my eyes, and feel the rush of wind flow under the wings giving us the lift. The clouds flying by speeding at 500 MPH. I truly feel happy then, so I like this banner as it shows a small representation of what I like.

The color Blue. I like Blue. Just a plain fact, more preferably Blue and Black is a nice mix for me. Blue represents the sky for me, the freedom as I mentioned earlier. Blue means a lot to me, it represents coolness, yet a feeling of being so blue, then suddenly your cool, cool blue! Blue is even a song by some people like "Blue" by LeAnn Rimes which I subtitled earlier in my blog.

Just an update of things to come, I hope this site is a bit more appealing and please let me know if there any other changes you wish to see!



Seek Geo said...

Ha.. the second I open this blog and the color came up, I knew it have to do with flying cuz the color match sky and all.

I like it! :-)


Abbie said...

Sail the open skies!! I like the new look alex, is it you in ever sense of the word :)

Tassielady said...

Very nice and its relaxing colour.

Jamerica said...

I saw you with Seek Geo on video clip. I am happy that you're learning ASL, keep it up. I don't know Seek geo, but I like to watch his video clip... :)

Jennifer said...

I don't know why it's taken me so long to see this blog! Found you over on Geo's had to have had a great time on your visit with him...he's so much fun!
I'm a friend of Abbie's, actually, she's going to be one of my roommates at the HLAA convention in Reno next month! That would be a great place for you to fly! :)