Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guess It's my turn now...

Yes Folks, a new blog, background and header. I will explain these new changes for me.

Firstly, you all noticed a cloud picture in the banner. This to me represents freedom more then anything. The freedom to move about the country, whether in a plane, train or cars.

I absolutely love to fly, no denying it what so ever. When I was feeling down, and troubled by the things on the ground, I would go hop on a plane (this was when I used to fly for free), and go take off somewhere, anywhere. Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, the country was at my finger tips. The freedom to do so was amazing. We would take off, and I would see the clouds coming closer, and closer then finally we are eye level with it. Flying above the clouds, gives me a relaxation for me. I sit back, sigh, close my eyes, and feel the rush of wind flow under the wings giving us the lift. The clouds flying by speeding at 500 MPH. I truly feel happy then, so I like this banner as it shows a small representation of what I like.

The color Blue. I like Blue. Just a plain fact, more preferably Blue and Black is a nice mix for me. Blue represents the sky for me, the freedom as I mentioned earlier. Blue means a lot to me, it represents coolness, yet a feeling of being so blue, then suddenly your cool, cool blue! Blue is even a song by some people like "Blue" by LeAnn Rimes which I subtitled earlier in my blog.

Just an update of things to come, I hope this site is a bit more appealing and please let me know if there any other changes you wish to see!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Music Videos Galore

How do I Live- LeAnn Rimes

Gimme More- Britney Spears

Life Goes On- LeAnn Rimes

Commitment- LeAnn Rimes

These Boots are made for Walking-- Jessica Simpson


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Subtitled Music Videos

Any Man of Mine- Shania Twain

Blue- LeAnn Rimes

There Goes My Life- Kenny Chesney

Piece of Me-Britney Spears

Dancing Queen- ABBA


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bringing Sexy Back!!!


Yes, folks, I am bringing sexy back, as the song suggests. Actually if you REALLY want to win my heart, you would inform me that sexy never left me! I had it along!!! Actually…That’s not really where I am going with this. There comes to a point where sexuality is brought up in everyone’s life, not so much as orientation or style or gender etc. What is sexy to you? When do you feel sexy? There are times I feel just downright ugly, though so many people say oh my gosh you are looking great today! Then, there are times when I feel so sexy I could rip my clothes off and then some go “please don’t”:-).

It was a week ago when I was leaving work. The sun was out, it was absolutely gorgeous out. I was wearing my business suit as I was on my way to Chicago, and had to head to St. Louis to catch a flight out there. I walked out of the mall, stepped into the outside. I put on my glasses, swung my backpack up on my shoulder and bam, it hit me. My god I feel sexy. The wind was blowing a bit, breeze running through my hair and sunglasses. It felt like all eyes were on me! I felt sexy and by god I was going to WORK IT!

Sexuality is always sometimes an uncomfortable issue with many and some they love to discuss it. People share their fantasies, desires, what they really want to do with that one guy they saw shirtless down the street or the girl they got a glimpse of walking out of the store. Most of us feel ashamed to admit the “secrets” and some are not. I am not really discussing who is a virgin, who is not, when you had sex, your orientation, quite frankly that’s none of my god damn business. What I want to open up is your mind and thoughts of what is sexy to you?

Is it when you are dressed up? Wearing sweatpants? Is it always about looks? For me sexuality and being sexy is most usually sense of humor and confidence. My lord you come up to me, wearing glasses (ok yes that is one of my guilty pleasures), wind blowing through your hair, and you crack a joke with me and show yourself with confidence, I could probably just melt and I don’t even know your name!

Do I want to stare at the hot girl in the magazine modeling or the shirtless guy who is clean shaven out of the old navy underwear magazine? No I really don’t, that is not sexy to me. Yes, they do look attractive, but I don’t know them. I don’t know their personality, style, etc. Some people have admitted they feel sexy when they don’t try it! It’s usually when maybe driving in the car sunglasses over eyes, wind blowing through the air, or working out.

Then there is the actual sexual act itself. A lot of people get off with satisfaction of having sex, and that is great! But a lot of people are surprised when I say I would turn down sex with someone. Why do I need it? I get my pleasure out of simply being with the person, knowing them. Watching a movie. Cuddling, having a conversation. Probably the best time ever for me, is when I am with a friend, maybe it’s a guy or a girl who knows. We are just hanging out and having fun, being with each other enjoying our presence. Nothing is more thrilling or satisfying for me then that. I don’t need sex to full fill my pleasure all the time.

I am a romantic guy at heart. I love it when I can slip the girl a random note to say I am thinking of you. I text message most of my girl friends on valentines day to say hey thinking of you and hope you are having fun on v-day. Many of them reply back and thank me for doing so; they didn’t even get a happy valentine’s day from their boyfriend, yet managed to get a simple text where I took no more then 30 seconds to type out. Quite a shame to hear. I enjoy whispering sweet nothing in their ears. Going out in the rain and making out would be a fantasy of mine. However just a bit hard to “just do” as I would have to carry an umbrella or take my hearing aids out! All of a sudden the fun just got a bit ruined!

Yes I am the nice guy out there, the one all the girls and guys keep asking for. I am here folks!!! Don’t have to look anymore. Now I am going way off topic. Anyway I thought maybe we could spice things up a bit here, and bring sexy back! What makes you feel sexy? When are you at your “sex-iest!”?


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why was cued speech chosen over ASL?

My parents chose cued speech over ASL for me because they felt it was the best way for me to grow up as normal as possible in a hearing environment and to talk and function in life. How did they discover cued speech? They read it in a sesame street magazine telling of a story of a little girl who was profoundly deaf like me and had limited speaking abilities. When she started on cued speech, immediately could talk and function normally and go to mainstream school. My parents saw me in this girl's story and wanted to try it out and it was then the same day that phone call was made by my mother and as they say the rest is history.

I lost the hearing around 16 months. I was speaking and making words and sounds but some people could not understand me. I had some residual hearing which helped a bit but not enough for me. Mom and Dad could understand me because they were attuned to how I spoke, my dialect and body language with my words. They were still frustrated I was not speaking fluently or well enough they wanted to find something to help. American Sign Language was not, nor did it ever help me. Once they learned of cued speech they saw how well I would be able to learn and catch up to my hearing friends.

After the phone call was made, trips were made to Chicago, and Baltimore where cued speech is well-known. They attended camps and meetings, orientations and such, and finally they were ready to start with me. Immediately, within DAYS they saw results. I could now SEE visually how to say the word. I didn't need to hear it! I was seeing how the lips formed, and would mock it like babies do. If I said it right, parents would cue good or nod their head. If I didn't, they would say bad or try again and believe me it took P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E. As most know there are only 8 cues, then you go on beyond it forming it around the lip, nose, chin, side, face, outer area and throat.

Learning Cued does not mean I am able to cue myself. I am only taught to read cues and read lips. Soon in progressing plus speech therapy I was able to be fluent in speaking English. I have a speech dialect which sounds a lot like a British accent, oddly enough. Now most people LOVE British accents, which is just dandy with me so I try to play it off when I can muwahaha. However, next step was now to find a person who would be willing to become a cued speech transliterater. This did not take long at all, we would use someone who used to baby-sit me.

She flew out to Baltimore to attend a cued speech camp to learn. When kindergarten rolled around, it was time to show the school they were wrong, I would be successful, and I would be able to talk, and I would not be mentally retarded. First day of school, I sat in the front row, teacher spoke to the class in a normal way, I would watch my transliterater, and read the cues and understand what was being said. When it was my turn to speak, I remembered how to say it based on what I saw and would speak it!

Schools were amazed at how well I progressed and how quickly, we obviously proved them wrong. With a bit of help, using cued and my residual hearing, I was able to speak as normal as possible. I could be understood and communicate with most of English speaking people. I succeeded well in school, making good grades, and graduated in HS with honors. I credit the success to cued speech.

Lastly, this was going to be a controversial topic. I understand that everyone does not agree with cued speech and how it is used with the Deaf and Hearing Communities. I wanted to share about my life and the choices that were made. Furthermore, to share why the choices were made by me and the parents, and to let people know the results of the choices I made. Please remember, this is my life story, I am not saying I am better then anyone else based on the actions and choices I made. Just remember that I believe I am a better person for me because of the choices I made, and that is all that matters. Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Subtitles galore!!!

More Songs and Videos by Shania Twain, Trisha Yearwood, and Christina Aguilera. Hope you can enjoy one or more of these songs!


What Made You Say That--Shania Twain

I Turn to You- Christina Aguilera

I'll Still Love You More- Trisha Yearwood

You're Still the One- Shania Twain

UP!-Shania Twain

Forever and for Always- Shania Twain

Don't Be Stupid!- Shania Twain

That Don't Impress me Much!--Shania Twain

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Go Back...

I Go Back to memories, dreams, thoughts, and hopes. The title of this blog is from a song, one of my favorites, “I Go Back” by Kenny Chesney. Kenny is one of my all time favorite singers because I swear he reads my mind. Nearly every song he sings about I have lived, thought about or experienced, ONE way or another. “We all have a song that somehow stamped our lives, takes us to another place and time…What’s yours? This song would be mine because the entire lyrics of the song embodies my life, one way or another. I am 21 yrs old, it may seem young to a lot of you folks, but really, it isn’t. That’s 21 WHOLE YEARS. For my age, that’s a very long time, yet it flew by in a blink of an eye.

For those familiar with my blog you see I went through a lot of my troubles and such. With my surgeries, hearing loss, verbal abuse about my choices in both the deaf and hearing world. That doesn’t matter anymore, I made it through and am better because of whom I am and the choices made. A lot of people usually have a eureka moment. I sort of had one today taking a walk around the campus at SIU-C here in Southern Illinois. I felt FREE. Independent. I was taking a role as a college student to do my own thing. It was like I was a Pilot, taking control of my aircraft (life) and taking off for the wild.

Walking around campus, it was a gorgeous day, near 60 degrees. The classroom I was supposed to go was right near a walk way so I decided to take a walk around and people watch and observe. I saw young couples in love, holding hands, making out in the corner. I saw people walking by on the I-Pod, ignoring the sounds of nature and people around them. I saw people roller blading through or riding a bike, nearly knocking someone over. But, that’s sort of the thrill of it; you never know what’s coming next.

“Suddenly this crazy world made more sense to me
Well I heard it today and I couldn't help but sing along
Cause everytime I hear that song...”

The song “I Go Back” just popped in my head as I took a walk, enjoying the scenery of things like the picture above. I heard it in my head and by god just like the song, I couldn’t help but sing along. Making me think and go back to my thoughts, memories and dreams.

“I go back to a two toned short bed Chevy
Drivin my first love out to the levvy
Livin life with no sense of time
And I go back to the feel of a fifty yard line
A blanket, a girl, some raspberry wine
Wishin time would stop right in its tracks
Everytime I hear that song, I go back”

I think back, to when I got my first car, a 2002 ford Escort ZX2. Bought it during spring break, march of 2004. I was so happy, proud and excited. It was amazing. I also go back to when I went out with the first girl who actually LIKED ME?! WOW! We didn’t go to a levvy but we did meet at a church concert, and had a great time. It was during summer, and we really did have no sense of time. The summer just flew by. I wanted the summer keep moving and never stop, never turn into fall and the harsh winters.

‘After graduation and drinkin goodbye to friends
And I go back to watchin summer fade to fall
Growin up too fast and I do recall’

Graduation, oh man. Probably one of the best, yet saddest times of my year. 2005, my graduation year was so hard, such a struggle. I lost both my grandfathers, and lost one of my best friends, more so like a sister or 2nd mother to me in July, after graduation. It was time to be an adult once I stepped off the stage, come graduation day. Enduring the final summer as a high school student. Attending summer set concerts here in my hometown, hanging with friends. Taking sip of alcohol when we knew we were not supposed too. Meeting other friends and then going to one of their friends house to go swim, hang out and stay up until 1:00am just chit chatting and thinking back. Man, I go back…growing up to fast really did happen.

‘And I go back to the loss of a real good friend
And the sixteen summers I shared with him
Now "Only The Good Die Young" stops me in my tracks
Everytime I hear that song,’

Like I said, I lost a good friend also, she was only 42 years old. So young, it is true sometimes it seems like, only the good DO die young. What does that say for us oldies?! *smirks*. She was truly a dear friend, and the time spent here on earth was nothing short of amazing and really made ya feel like you were her best friend.

My day uberly rocked!!! Work went by fast, I got my paper back and it was a B! WOO HOO! Then I found out one of my favorite actress, Vickie Lawerence is coming to town to do a show/presentation! I loved her from The Carol Burnett Show as well as Mamma's Family! Coming home from class my left hearing aid battery died, and It makes me terribly off balance with only one working hearing aid. What did I do? I grabbed the wheel, braced my knee, cruised to 60 MPH, and grabbed the battery. Took my aid out, switched the batteries, threw the sticker off and voila, back into my ear! I. AM. GOOD!

Anyway, we all have a song that stamped our lives, what’s yours? What song when you hear it or see it on TV makes you stop in your tracks, and your memories, dreams and ideas come pouring back to you.

Here is the song/video I GO BACK-KENNY CHESNEY Subtitled for you folks! :)


Monday, April 14, 2008

Shania Twain Galore!!!




and finally....

More Videos to come! Hope you enjoyed!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Subtitled Music Videos!!!

I enjoy a lot of these songs, and artists, and hope you guys will enjoy them also. I have Shania Twain, Kenny Chesney, Bob Seger and Reba McEntire! Please enjoy the videos and artists! :)

We've Got Tonight- Bob Seger

Forever Love-Reba McEntire

Party for Two!-Shania Twain with Billy Currington

Anything But Mine- Kenny Chesney

Monday, April 7, 2008

Two Music Videos-Subtitled

Shania Twain- When You Kiss me

Robin Thicke- Wanna Love You Girl!

Hope you enjoy these Videos, songs and the artist!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

3rd time is NOT the charm!!!

I hear all the time about third luck always being a charm. Not so in my case!! I woke up already running late after oversleeping somehow. That’s what I get staying up talking to friends. So I flew into the shower and washed as quickly as possible, and left my house at 9:30am for my work shift at 10am. Very windy day, traffic was quite busy oddly for a 9:30am time of traveling. Oh well! I pulled into the parking lot at the Mall where I currently work.

I got out of the car and turned; saw I left my ipod in the thing. So I set my backpack down and was about to climb back into the car when *SWOOOOSH*. Wind blows out of nowhere and *SLAMS* door goes shut. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh shit!!!!!!!

The car is now locked with the ipod inside and my key in the ignition…Engine running and all. How freaking lovely!! To make it worse I could now not open my store now because my key was inside the car. Now, not only have I stupidly locked myself out of the car, with the engine running. I now have prevented myself from entering my store. This is JUST wonderful. I immediately contacted my boss/manager in another city to let her know what happened. Waited till she said the usual “oh Alex that’s so typical of you...” Then said she would call my co worker to let her know to bring the key so they could enter the store as I await for my lovely, darling mother to come bring me the 2nd set of keys.

I called my mother and explained what happened. *SIGHS*. Laughter followed as this was my THIRD time of doing this. Told you 3rd time is NOT the charm here!! I explained again what happened and why it was urgent and imperative she get here ASAP! She said “ok I am on my way over……if I can find the key...” *GROANS*. Then…out of nowhere I forgot I had my bipod actually turned on! Blaring music…and what song comes on next?

Sounds of quick violin music comes through, with a slight beat and then...”Let’s go girls!!!” Oh no…please dear god. Don’t let it be that song….No…..I pretended I didn’t hear her just say that. The familiar introductory music played again then the next line...”I’m going out tonight I’m feeling all right!” Ah hell No, I ain’t feeling all right, I am feeling downright STUPID!

“MAN…I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN” started playing by the lovely Shania Twain! Oh no...Of ALL the songs to be playing LOUDLY in a parking lot, at work, is Shania Twain. People just don’t like me today…

“Gonna let it all hang out..wanna make some noise”

“Really raise my voice, ya I wanna scream and shout!”

Ya, I wanna scream and shout, TO STOP THE SONG AND IN FRUSTERATION!!!! Dear god, why me?! I mutter a few curse words only I can hear and just sit on the engine, feeling it vibrate under me while the wind is blowing... Oh ya, the WIND. Stupid wind that shut my freaking car door shut so I cannot enter my work place while happily listening to “Man, I feel like a woman...”

“The best thing about being a woman….

Is the prerogative to have a little fun…

Oh oh, get totally crazy, forget im a lady

Men’s shirts, short skirts, wanna go wild

ya doing it in style…”

I got crazy…I am wearing a men’s shirt…doing it in style? If locking my car with key in ignition is stylish then Hell I should be the best fashion designer in the world because I have got S-T-Y-L-E baby, its FIERCE!

“Oh, oh, oh, get in the action-feel the attraction
Color my hair-do what I dare
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a woman!”

If being a woman and feeling like one means locking yourself out? Then yes, by god I DO feel like a woman! I don’t think I had time to color my I dare?

Have mercy, I see Mom pulling up! She called me to ask where I was parked at. I answered I am the idiot standing outside in my uniform with my backpack on playing Shania twain. You cannot miss me. She finally pulled up, and then….no sooner did she, I heard the next line of the next song come on…

“Oh baby baby…oh baby baby.

Oh baby, how was I supposed to know…

That something wasn’t right here..”


I flew back to the car, with key in hand, unlocked it and opened it up and unplugged the ipod! Wooooo. SILENCE! Thank god!

With that said and undone, mom continued to laugh at me. I said “thanks” and went inside the store to start my work shift, 30 minutes later…

“I get totally crazy
Can you feel it
Come, come, come on baby
I feel like a woman”

I feel it!