Wednesday, April 2, 2008

3rd time is NOT the charm!!!

I hear all the time about third luck always being a charm. Not so in my case!! I woke up already running late after oversleeping somehow. That’s what I get staying up talking to friends. So I flew into the shower and washed as quickly as possible, and left my house at 9:30am for my work shift at 10am. Very windy day, traffic was quite busy oddly for a 9:30am time of traveling. Oh well! I pulled into the parking lot at the Mall where I currently work.

I got out of the car and turned; saw I left my ipod in the thing. So I set my backpack down and was about to climb back into the car when *SWOOOOSH*. Wind blows out of nowhere and *SLAMS* door goes shut. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh shit!!!!!!!

The car is now locked with the ipod inside and my key in the ignition…Engine running and all. How freaking lovely!! To make it worse I could now not open my store now because my key was inside the car. Now, not only have I stupidly locked myself out of the car, with the engine running. I now have prevented myself from entering my store. This is JUST wonderful. I immediately contacted my boss/manager in another city to let her know what happened. Waited till she said the usual “oh Alex that’s so typical of you...” Then said she would call my co worker to let her know to bring the key so they could enter the store as I await for my lovely, darling mother to come bring me the 2nd set of keys.

I called my mother and explained what happened. *SIGHS*. Laughter followed as this was my THIRD time of doing this. Told you 3rd time is NOT the charm here!! I explained again what happened and why it was urgent and imperative she get here ASAP! She said “ok I am on my way over……if I can find the key...” *GROANS*. Then…out of nowhere I forgot I had my bipod actually turned on! Blaring music…and what song comes on next?

Sounds of quick violin music comes through, with a slight beat and then...”Let’s go girls!!!” Oh no…please dear god. Don’t let it be that song….No…..I pretended I didn’t hear her just say that. The familiar introductory music played again then the next line...”I’m going out tonight I’m feeling all right!” Ah hell No, I ain’t feeling all right, I am feeling downright STUPID!

“MAN…I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN” started playing by the lovely Shania Twain! Oh no...Of ALL the songs to be playing LOUDLY in a parking lot, at work, is Shania Twain. People just don’t like me today…

“Gonna let it all hang out..wanna make some noise”

“Really raise my voice, ya I wanna scream and shout!”

Ya, I wanna scream and shout, TO STOP THE SONG AND IN FRUSTERATION!!!! Dear god, why me?! I mutter a few curse words only I can hear and just sit on the engine, feeling it vibrate under me while the wind is blowing... Oh ya, the WIND. Stupid wind that shut my freaking car door shut so I cannot enter my work place while happily listening to “Man, I feel like a woman...”

“The best thing about being a woman….

Is the prerogative to have a little fun…

Oh oh, get totally crazy, forget im a lady

Men’s shirts, short skirts, wanna go wild

ya doing it in style…”

I got crazy…I am wearing a men’s shirt…doing it in style? If locking my car with key in ignition is stylish then Hell I should be the best fashion designer in the world because I have got S-T-Y-L-E baby, its FIERCE!

“Oh, oh, oh, get in the action-feel the attraction
Color my hair-do what I dare
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man! I feel like a woman!”

If being a woman and feeling like one means locking yourself out? Then yes, by god I DO feel like a woman! I don’t think I had time to color my I dare?

Have mercy, I see Mom pulling up! She called me to ask where I was parked at. I answered I am the idiot standing outside in my uniform with my backpack on playing Shania twain. You cannot miss me. She finally pulled up, and then….no sooner did she, I heard the next line of the next song come on…

“Oh baby baby…oh baby baby.

Oh baby, how was I supposed to know…

That something wasn’t right here..”


I flew back to the car, with key in hand, unlocked it and opened it up and unplugged the ipod! Wooooo. SILENCE! Thank god!

With that said and undone, mom continued to laugh at me. I said “thanks” and went inside the store to start my work shift, 30 minutes later…

“I get totally crazy
Can you feel it
Come, come, come on baby
I feel like a woman”

I feel it!


Abbie said...

You know, I think you would look good as a blonde!


In all seriousness, today was one of a kind, how come you didn't mention the last part there?

You gotta hit it baby one more time! :)

Tassielady said...

ROFL ohhh my alex dear you sure comes in 3's

now touch wood darling then you wont have it again.

*sings along with shaina twain !!!*

stifle laughter :P

Jay said...

Yikes... What a way to start the day eh???

Hope rest of the week went well for ya!