Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cued Speech Vlog/Blog

Hello All!

Lots of you all who read know I do cued speech. However I am only fluent in I am able to read it. It is quite fascinating to read and see because you can compare the mass difference between ASL and Cued.

I asked a buddy of mine who is also fluent in both ASL and Cued and he happily obliged to do a tiny Cued clip to show us all what it's like. I thought we have vlogs in ASL, lets have one in Cued!

Thanks again for doing this.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voting for the First Time

November fourth was truly an amazing and historic day. No matter who you chose history was going to be made. I was able to vote for the first time in my life as a 21 year old. I reside in Southern Illinois, which is primarily a Republic area, while central and north Illinois was primarily democratic. Everyone urged me and others to vote. I have to admit it kind of got a bit annoying though. While yes we have the right to vote, and people fought for the right, let me remind you they also fought for us to have the CHOICE. We have great freedom in being able to decide if we want to vote or not. Do not look down on those who chose not to vote, that is their RIGHT as much as it is yours to vote too. Those who did not vote should not be looked down upon or that entirely defeats the point of living in this great country of ours.

Now as I mentioned earlier I did decide to vote simply because of what was being offered here. This was history in the making. I was deciding between an African-American president on the democratic side and also the possibility of the first woman vice president too. No matter the outcome and I truly was looking forward to seeing who own, it was going to be historical and it was going to be in our kids social studies books. So I wanted to be able to vote in this election and help decide along with everyone else whom I believed would serve us best as the president.

I walked into the building and it at first didn’t really mean much to me. It wasn’t hitting me so to speak; after all I was simply filling out a ballot and then sending it off. However I opened the ballot and looked and was struck at the power I had under me. I saw names you wouldn’t expect to see appear. A woman name under the vice president ballot. A name belonging to an African American as a president ballot. It was just amazing to me and immediately I felt a sense of pride almost.

I put down my choices and put it in the ballot. The woman said thanks so much and she mentioned if it was my first time? I said yes how did you know? She goes your smile, its showing pride. With that I held my head up high and walked out of the building almost wanting to tear up because of the freedom we have to do so many things in this country.

When we got the outcome of the president, and who won, I was anxious to hear the speech. McCain gave an outstanding speech. He showed great, and immense respect to acknowledge that the USA had spoken. Courage and respect and triumphant was shown. He spoke with honor and I was almost just as proud to know he had a part in this campaign and did his own service for the United States. For that, I thank you McCain and good luck to you in anything else you do. He said it best that the families probably suffered more than the candidates themselves and I certainly agree.

It was on to Obama’s speech, and I couldn’t help but swell in pride and agree on many things. First off the bat, he mentioned the word “gay” in his speech. I don’t care where you come from, that is just honorable. It is a bit sad that HAS to be a big deal for him to be able to mention that word, but he did. There was no booing from anyone, and it was probably nice to hear him include that word along with everybody else, white, black, Jewish, Asian, straight or gay. I agreed with everyone else, change DID happen to America,

I believe we finally as a Country matured enough to be able to accept having Obama as a president and the popular vote and electoral vote proved that too. I am sure it was great for the African Americans to see one of their own get elected and I as a white person couldn’t be more proud of them too. They fought through a lot and they truly do deserve to finally have a president too.

One remark I heard from someone on TV a black person who was being interviewed, said, “we didn’t just elect a black president, we elected a white and black president. He hoped this showed that blacks and whites as well as anyone else could finally come together in this great country. Obama represents both of us, white and black. We should proud of that too.

I was disappointed to see results of other elections such as the events in CA, AZ and FL. However was really irked me was to see Arkansas make a new rule not allowing ANY single person to adopt a child or have foster kids. The target was gay people however I guess to be “equal” they included straight, single people too.

“Arkansas voters approved a measure banning unmarried couples from serving as adoptive or foster parents. Supporters made clear that gays and lesbians were their main target.”


Anyhow, for those who voted, thank you for doing so. For those who didn’t, there is another one in four years! Congratulations to Obama and his family for this great accomplishment. McCain, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do. I look forward to the next four years.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sucker Balls

Hello my friends! How was Halloween for everyone? I had a great time. October was an awesome month for me, getting to meet few friends and traveling once again to Philly and New Jersey. It seems every month I like to start it off with a bang about something funny with me. Today was absolutely NO exception.

First, I want to explain a bit about my hearing and how I understand people. While I am oral and can speak fluent English and read lips pretty darn well, even from the sides sometimes. I met a man who challenged me to no end. It certainly wasn’t any anal rice as abbie graciously shared with us. However this certainly was on par with sexual innuendos.

I was sitting at work on my laptop minding my own business when this young college student walks in. I spoke up and said, “Good afternoon how can I help you?”

He walked around and said something but because I read lips I couldn’t understand him. I asked him “Pardon?”

He turned to me and said, “Do you sell any sucker --*incoherent word*?”

I was almost taken aback at this request and was convinced I was not hearing him or reading his lips correctly. All I caught was sucker something.

I said, “Excuse me I didn’t understand what did you ask?” I recognize he had a heavy accent from what seemed to be Nigerian or somewhat.

He said “sucker balls (in my head OH BALLS!), do you sell any sucker balls I need one to play with today”

My eyes just rose at this young man. I was thinking really dirty stuff of course i.e., is this man gay and he is bored and wants something to suck on? Or better yet he hasn’t “had any” and he is desperate? I was like this isn’t a sex shop here!

So I once again asked him to repeat one more time, and this time I straightened up, flared my nose and burrowed my eyes to focus right on his lips. Trying all my powers to hear and pick up everything he was saying. And what came out of his mouth.

“I said, do you have any sucker balls? You know that you bounce and play with sometimes”

Now I am convinced he is being serious at this point. Without trying to embarrass myself and probably more than likely misunderstanding him I asked him to describe it. I thought maybe he was thinking of a candy they suck or something.

I said, “Sir, can you describe this sucker ball? Is this something you eat, lick or what?”

Now HE was taken aback and stared at me like I was the idiot and didn’t have a stinking clue what he was saying. He probably was thinking, “ok this boy is strange asking about my balls or something!”

I just stared at him with the utmost respect and straight face I could manage to keep my composure trying not to laugh at the ideas raging through my head. Over and over I was thinking sucker balls, sucker balls, what on earth…

He then said “No! These balls are black and white sometimes you can kick them-- *he then proceeds to stand back and attempt a field goal kick in front of me which if there really was a sucker ball he would have done so--* ,and score with them!”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! SOCCER BALLS” I yelled, probably scaring the balls out of him! I continued, “Oh you mean soccer balls!!! Ok I get it now—and no we don’t, sorry”

He looked at me probably trying to figure out if he should run for it now or laugh at me. Either way, I wouldn’t have blamed him at this moment.

He continued and said, “Yes yes, now you understand SUCKER BALL (I still was hearing and reading sucker..Oy!). He then asked, “Do you have any sucker teams?”

At this point I let out a HAHA and immediately clamped my mouth shut. I could have said so many jokes at this point but I felt the poor guy had been through enough with me. I told him “no I don’t believe we have any soccer teams around here”

He thanked me for my time and told me I should speak to the manager about getting those sucker balls. Apparently, they sell well around here.