Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cued Speech Vlog/Blog

Hello All!

Lots of you all who read know I do cued speech. However I am only fluent in I am able to read it. It is quite fascinating to read and see because you can compare the mass difference between ASL and Cued.

I asked a buddy of mine who is also fluent in both ASL and Cued and he happily obliged to do a tiny Cued clip to show us all what it's like. I thought we have vlogs in ASL, lets have one in Cued!

Thanks again for doing this.


Anonymous said...

*Yawning* I feel sorry that you are being colonialized with cued system. Thanks for sharing a video.

Anonymous said...

anonymous.... you got nothing better to do than pick ya nose ... why dont you go and annoy others and leave those cue speech alone as it is a language that deaf learn and same with ASL so if you do ASL *yawn* your colonised with ASL system !!

Just go away ya FOOL.

Colin said...

Tassie, just for your information, Cued Speech is not a language. It's a manual modality of communication for representing English at the phonological level.

Anonymous said...

wow! its my first time to watch someone signed a cued speech! thank you for shared with us and am glad that you willin' it to show what it looks like... Is it hard to learn?

Anonymous said...

I knew very little about cued system and didnt exactly have a clue what it was like till I saw ur video. That s interesting. Certain handshapes represent specific sounds?

- Paulette

Anonymous said...

You can't order a hamburger at MM via Cued Speech.

You can't describe your symptomns to a doctor via Cued Speech.

You can't complain to a supermarket manager about the expiration date of Yogurt.

You can't ask any passerby for the directions to the JKF International Airport from Greenwich Village.

Seek Geo said...

WTF: "You can't order a hamburger at MM via Cued Speech" and so forth. That is just pretty stupid because there is no difference that you can't order one using ASL, either.

Unless you are lucky enough to have someone that knows ASL behind the cash register. *rolls*

Beside you don't have to use cued speech if you know how to speak using voice. Alex was visiting here with us and I have to say that Alex was able to order food on his own using voice all because of help he had from using cued speech while I had to write down to get what I want to order.

So everyone have their own advantages.

Anyone who jumps in to leave negative comments about cued speech is no different than others who says bad things about ASL.

Different people, same attitude.


By the way, the video is pretty cool and good job on adding subtitles so we can understand! :-)

Seek Geo said...


FYI.. cued speech is actually a language even tho it is not official but still considered as a language because it is type of method to communicate between two people.

The same with animals who communicate with each other is considered a language between them.

Please look up in the dictionary:

It can be any type of ways to communicate such as signs, gestures, sounds, etc.

Whether if it is official language or not, it is still considered a "language" so therefore cued speech is a language.


Anonymous said...


Are you that narrowminded... go away.

J.Matheson said...

I didn't realize that you posted the video!

Tassie, I totally love your last comment! LOL

Seekgeo- yeah, it is not a official language but it is a language in its own form.

I was totally floored with the numbers of the comments on the! At least, they are being educated in some way.

Talk to you all tonight on our usual site.

Alex said...

Anonymus- If you didn't care to read/view about Cued Speech then WHy did YOU waste the time to read/watch it, open it and comment?!

Tassie- You go girl! :-P If someone else yawns again I will start yawning!

Colin- As others have stated, cued speech is a language to be sued but it is not official. I wondered if thats what you intended to say?

2nd Anonymus- No problem, I am happy to have shared this thanks to my vlogger friend, Jarom. It is hard to learn I admit, but not that different from ASL in my own opinion. As long a you stayed dedicated, focused and practice you would become efficient in it too

Paullete-You are correct, certain handshapes, there is only 8, represent each phonetic so to speak. Thanks for reading! :)

3rd Anonymus- As Geo explained, that is irrelavant. I am able to order food and whatever I want because most that use Cued are Oral anyhow. Cued is NOT a subsitute for voice or signs it is merely an addition to your vocal skills, so we talk while being cued to or cueing.

Geo- Thanks Man for the comments! Thanks also for the explaination for those who didn't know about cued and all. Glad you enjoyed watching the video! :)

Jarom- Thanks for taking the time to do the Video for me! :) Much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this Vlog!

Every think of doing a set of small vocabulary, similiar to that of baby sign. Parents need to be able to start with the basics. Is there a way I can share the vlog only?

Well done!

* a Canadian cuer*

Anonymous said...

Your cues are excellent and very easy to read!