Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bringing Sexy Back!!!


Yes, folks, I am bringing sexy back, as the song suggests. Actually if you REALLY want to win my heart, you would inform me that sexy never left me! I had it along!!! Actually…That’s not really where I am going with this. There comes to a point where sexuality is brought up in everyone’s life, not so much as orientation or style or gender etc. What is sexy to you? When do you feel sexy? There are times I feel just downright ugly, though so many people say oh my gosh you are looking great today! Then, there are times when I feel so sexy I could rip my clothes off and then some go “please don’t”:-).

It was a week ago when I was leaving work. The sun was out, it was absolutely gorgeous out. I was wearing my business suit as I was on my way to Chicago, and had to head to St. Louis to catch a flight out there. I walked out of the mall, stepped into the outside. I put on my glasses, swung my backpack up on my shoulder and bam, it hit me. My god I feel sexy. The wind was blowing a bit, breeze running through my hair and sunglasses. It felt like all eyes were on me! I felt sexy and by god I was going to WORK IT!

Sexuality is always sometimes an uncomfortable issue with many and some they love to discuss it. People share their fantasies, desires, what they really want to do with that one guy they saw shirtless down the street or the girl they got a glimpse of walking out of the store. Most of us feel ashamed to admit the “secrets” and some are not. I am not really discussing who is a virgin, who is not, when you had sex, your orientation, quite frankly that’s none of my god damn business. What I want to open up is your mind and thoughts of what is sexy to you?

Is it when you are dressed up? Wearing sweatpants? Is it always about looks? For me sexuality and being sexy is most usually sense of humor and confidence. My lord you come up to me, wearing glasses (ok yes that is one of my guilty pleasures), wind blowing through your hair, and you crack a joke with me and show yourself with confidence, I could probably just melt and I don’t even know your name!

Do I want to stare at the hot girl in the magazine modeling or the shirtless guy who is clean shaven out of the old navy underwear magazine? No I really don’t, that is not sexy to me. Yes, they do look attractive, but I don’t know them. I don’t know their personality, style, etc. Some people have admitted they feel sexy when they don’t try it! It’s usually when maybe driving in the car sunglasses over eyes, wind blowing through the air, or working out.

Then there is the actual sexual act itself. A lot of people get off with satisfaction of having sex, and that is great! But a lot of people are surprised when I say I would turn down sex with someone. Why do I need it? I get my pleasure out of simply being with the person, knowing them. Watching a movie. Cuddling, having a conversation. Probably the best time ever for me, is when I am with a friend, maybe it’s a guy or a girl who knows. We are just hanging out and having fun, being with each other enjoying our presence. Nothing is more thrilling or satisfying for me then that. I don’t need sex to full fill my pleasure all the time.

I am a romantic guy at heart. I love it when I can slip the girl a random note to say I am thinking of you. I text message most of my girl friends on valentines day to say hey thinking of you and hope you are having fun on v-day. Many of them reply back and thank me for doing so; they didn’t even get a happy valentine’s day from their boyfriend, yet managed to get a simple text where I took no more then 30 seconds to type out. Quite a shame to hear. I enjoy whispering sweet nothing in their ears. Going out in the rain and making out would be a fantasy of mine. However just a bit hard to “just do” as I would have to carry an umbrella or take my hearing aids out! All of a sudden the fun just got a bit ruined!

Yes I am the nice guy out there, the one all the girls and guys keep asking for. I am here folks!!! Don’t have to look anymore. Now I am going way off topic. Anyway I thought maybe we could spice things up a bit here, and bring sexy back! What makes you feel sexy? When are you at your “sex-iest!”?



Candy said...

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder~

I'm gonna have to look into this overstream subtitling onto video, it's much better I think than what I have on my blog.

I Never get bored of that song!

Seek Geo said...

Hi Alex,

Ha! Yeah, I feel downright ugly sometimes even though some people say I look sexy! I'm like.. what?! :-D Haha, I feel sexy is when I shave and shower, throw on some shorts or jeans with polo shirt and put on cap, easy!!! LMAO

As for me who is sexy, usually the ones who is very open-minded and have good sense of humor. I can easily fall for that kind of people. I notice myself thinking someone is very sexy the second when that person says he/she respects everyone despite of their difference and how we all should get along and learn from each other. BOOM! I think that person is soooooo sexy!!! ;-D

That's sweet how you are romantic guy! These girls you text on Valentine's Day are very appreciated, I know. :-)


deafutahhiker said...

I absolutely agree with you; spending quality time with someone is even sexier than just a quickie. A night on the couch snuggling together watching a film, going out to a restaurant together and talking while enjoying food we eat, going out for a walk and taking in the beauty of the landscape around us, etc... (sigh) there need to be more people like that.