Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Visiting Geo of!

Hello All! Before I even start, this blog is about meeting Geo of So if you have not heard or seen the video of us meeting I encourage you guys to do so now.

Someone is Visiting

But first I want to go backwards here. How and why did Geo and I decide to meet up? It all started back in January when I was bored one night and watching one of my other deaf friend’s videos on That video finished, and this guy popped up as next result of Video. It was about this guy meeting his boyfriend online. I saw that he was doing ASL, which always interests me, but then I almost did not even watch it because I didn’t know ASL. However I noticed that he used subtitles!!! Wow! This guy really reaches out to all of us. So I watched him do the video, and started watching the others each video grabbing me with more interest, discussing the CI, Sign, Closed Caption, I started to realize how much in common we had through the topics he discussed.

I went to his website, and noticed a “Seekgeo” was in the chat room. I messaged him and asked “Are you the same Seekgeo doing the videos on you tube?” He said “I sure am”. So we got to chatting through his chat room and occasionally on AIM when we were not busy. In time we quickly found out how much we were alike, I was so surprised. It was to the point we were finishing each other’s sentences because we knew exactly what we were discussing. Then he would teach me ASL online web cam as I was very interested in learning. It was to the point we decided we had to meet up. We were having a great time chatting online; we decided to take it further and meet up and hang out. Of course we kept this a secret for awhile to surprise the rest of the seekies!

So May 10th was the decided date and when it rolled around I of course was very nervous. I headed to the airport parked the car and went inside to pick up my tickets as I was flying for free. Since I used to work for a major airline I still had connections to fly for free or at a cheap discount, so that’s also why I was able to allow this trip. So I met up with my former co workers and hung out for a bit. Soon it was time to board *deep breath* the trip begins!

I landed into Denver where I had to switch airlines and connect to united express, one of the few airlines that actually fly into Pasco, Washington. We got on board and I texted Geo to let him know I was finally on my way! We took off and I saw gorgeous beautiful sceneries.

Anyway, we got near landing into Pasco. We were running about 30 minutes behind due to air traffic in Denver. Landed into Pasco at about 7:30pm. I texted Geo to let him know I had arrived so they could come to the airport to come get me since they were only a few minutes away.

They texted me to let me know they had arrived. The moment of truth! I walked out and of course saw Geo waving his hands and Jes video taping, typical seekgeo style! I don't need to explain what's next the video did that for us!

Went to his apartment and caught up a bit talked about my long day of traveling, watched a movie then headed to bed. I was so tired from traveling.

Next day we went hiking as you saw from the pictures, went to lunch and then headed to an ASL movie thing being held by Sprint Geo was at. I thought it was very cool and interesting to see.

Two hiking Videos

Headed back and more movies! You can never go wrong with movies!!!

Monday we watched the movie "Sweet Nothing in my Ear" by Marlee. Very good movie raised some valid points on both sides. Then we played a game which I lost at, miserably ha-ha.

Back to bed as I had to be up early to go catch my flight home! Woke up Tues, and went to the airport said good bye to both of them and began my long day of traveling home.

I wanted to say I truly, absolutely had an amazing time hanging out with them. Geo is everything in person as he is online. Funny, great sense of humor, and so much fun to be around with. I definitely encourage for those who haven't met him to do so!

I am now off to unpack and all! Have a great day!



Seek Geo said...

Aww.. sweet, Alex!!

We did have a lot of great time with you visiting! You are amazing person and so much fun to hang out with. I'm glad I got a chance to teach you ASL, you are doing extremely well with ASL in short amount of time. I know in no time, you will do them well, he he.

Hope to seeing you again on next visit, sometimes! Glad you found me in youtube and even had guts to say hello in chatbox!!

I love meeting wonderful people to hang out!

Again, we had a lot of fun! :-)


Abbie said...

I was so waiting for something to come out of that hole and scare the crap out of you! :) I would have laughed my tail end off for hours! :)

You were getting me dizzy going in circles showing the view! I'm so glad you two got a chance to meet up and hang out! You look like you had a wonderful time with each other! :)

Jes said...

Hey Alex! great description of your trip. you're a great writer, and i can't wait to read the rest of your blog entries.

Glad you had as much fun as we did visiting us! it was real great having you over, you're a really special guy. We loved your company and were sad to let you go back home! But i know you'll be back to visit us again, you have to! hehe

The pictures you took from the airplane were breathtaking! incredible shots from above. The two hiking videos were really cool too. i'm glad you took those, it's fun looking back on that day.

cool story on how you met Geo... from fan to friend, how cool is that :). Have fun unpacking! talk with you soon.


DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Hey, I really enjoyed your blogs, I didnt know you exist til SeekGeo shared his story about a visitor. I immediately checked in your website, WOW! Thanks SeekGeo for introducing you to us, Seekies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex
wonderful video.. lovely sight seeing around.
Oh the hole .. it looks like probably lizard or chumpunk's home? Too bad you didnt see what animal would come out would be neat but of course its scary for not know what is in.
Thanks for sharing
SB~~Suzy ;-)

Seek Geo said...

Oh and I posted a few pictures this morning as well in case if anyone miss it. :-)



Misha said...

Very nice pictures and videos. You guys had a great time hiking up the hill. Gee, I'd pay to see you running up for the hills when I show up with my baseball bat. LOL!

OHMIGOSH, your videos are making me dizzy! Looks like you're drunk trying to video all thing. *winks*

Misha :D

Tassielady said...

Great video alex the 2nd one got me going cross eyed!!!
You need to slow down on videoing dear or dont make me smack ya little butt.

Deaf Pixie said...

This morning I tried to read your conversation with Alex..

It was so nice to trip.. How can you amazing to learn ASL from Geo. Wonderful view of St Mt Helen? .. I am not quiet sure if it accurate view?

Beautiful.. I know dust often difficult for me to breath .. Don't need ashtma inahle with me.. as long I dont have one those.

Wonderful to share with your trip. Where you came from I have not seen your profile.. I need to find your blog.

Deaf Pixie

Jay said...


Thanks for sharing the video, and photos. Toobad Geo didn't put you to work as a houseboy! ;-)

I'm also glad to hear you guys had a great time, and a chance to meet Geo in person....

I'm kinda looking into planning on a trip out there as well.

Fairlady said...

Looking awesome.. I like that I'm about to get both side of the stories.. You and Geo's time together.. I can see both of you enjoy your time over there and they enjoying having you.. :)

NOW!! You gotta come visit me too!! lol

Alex said...


We sure did! Thanks so much for teaching me the ASL I really have learned a lot from you and thanks so much for being my teacher this weekend. I definetly appreciate and cherish the friendship we have now and in the future.

I certainly will be looking to come back up soon later gotta get some more ASL teachings from you! Thanks again!

Abbie- Geo and I both were waiting for something to pop out but nothing did, certainly would have made a lot of laughter!

Jes- Thanks. It was great to finally meet you. I need to work out more so I can catch up with you my word! It certainly is fun to look back and will always remember the trip and as said to Geo definetly hope to come back later!

Deafkathy-It's great to see you here and thanks for stopping by to check my blog out. You are always welcome here! I hope you enjoy my past and future blogs! Thanks so much!

Suzy-As mentioned to abbie I was waiting for something to come out but nothing did. Thanks for swinging by my blog!

Misha- my lord I'd be running full speed if I turned and saw grand ass misha running at me with a bat LOL Seems the video made everyone dizzy! Oh no! haha

Tassie- thanks for reading! Sorry I made ya dizzy ;) See ya at Geo's chat!

Deafpixie- Thanks for reading. Yes Geo is an excellent teacher for teaching me ASL. I learned so much from him in those few short days and am much better now. Need to keep practicing! As for where im from I live in Southern Illinois so I had a four hour trip up to Washington!

Jay- you should! Washington is absolutely beautiful. The weather was gorgeous! The view was amazing from what I saw, I really liked it.

Fair- Im coming damn it to New Orleans! Or Naw Leans ;) I'll certainly check it out in the future too! Would be fun to get together!


Deaf Pixie said...

Alex, It is really nice to know about your trip to Washington State. I'm lives in North Seattle of bordline, It just across from north Seattle to became Shoreline. It is really small .. It looking like in Seattle. not in Shoreline.

I recalled that you became deaf from diease which I read your story about stomach intestine disordered. I think I need to read it, again! :)

lighthouse said...

Hello Alex..glad you had a great time at Richland. I rasied in Sunnyside almost half of my life.
Probably you,Geo and Jes puzzled see the hole ground,that is SKUNK'S HOME if you can smell their squeak your nose to breathing,lol.Actually the SKUNK will come out from hole between 4 to 6 pm it is their time to eat somewhere like rats,ants even eat cow's poop.Espically they love to eat grass and leaf a lot. Glad it was not happened to you becasue you were too closely the hole they can"pee" at you and you become stuck with bad oder for 24 hours.
SKUNK is smart because they can tricky you good enough if you come closer to them or yell at them,they will return your tricky.
Also I miss the most is round weeds
oh how I miss them. Round weeds can be hassle when you drive on the road and it will roll from the windy. LOL... Enough for me to say as this such as such.
Enjoy your another trip...Thanks to Geo and Jes for allow you to come and learning something. Geo and Jes are amazing people. I love them.