Saturday, February 26, 2011

Born This Way-Lady Gaga Song, My Thoughts

First time I heard the song, my instant reaction was “hmmh, this needs to be a ballad” It has good upbeat moves, and certainly something one can dance to in the clubs. I think when I pre-read the lyrics without hearing the music I formed my own version of it, and it came out to be a ballad.

Maybe Whitney Houston can perform this song as a ballad, as Lady Gaga mentioned on the Grammy’s last night. A lot of people have messaged me knowing I am a big fan of her, and wanted to know what I thought. The sentence I kept saying was “it’s not THE lady gaga song, I feel that title still goes to “Bad Romance” but, I really have never heard such beautiful lyrics in my life.

Most of you know by now that I am Gay. If you didn’t, you know now. I am not one of those guys who bawled my eyes out first time I heard the song, because I had to sit and think about it. Many proclaim it to be an anthem for gay people. While I can see how many can interpret it as that way, I truly think it is a song for EVERYONE. She covers it in all genres’ races, orientation and whatnot.

I heard it a lot, put it on repeat, watched it on the Grammy’s trying to get into it and like it, the way everyone else has, but something didn’t click with me yet. The song is great, why can’t I relate to it yet? Did the music really need to be a ballad for me to “like it” or was I not letting myself be more open minded?

The song opened talking about what her momma said, and leading to how everyone is perfect, maybe that’s why I couldn’t relate to it just yet? I didn’t see myself as perfect, we all have mistakes, but then I hear her singing “god makes no mistakes”. That is certainly true.

I kept listening, really analyzing the lyrics (maybe more than I needed to) this song was supposed to be THE hit of her, and relate to everyone, so I was determined to find it. The song came on the radio again today, on the way to work so I figured, Ok going to listen to it again.

Then out of nowhere it just hit me, I was “born this way”, and I sure as hell didn’t choose to be gay and sure as hell didn’t choose to be deaf too. All the folks who were against me for being gay, and asked why I chose it, look at me. I am Deaf too, that’s my disability, why the hell would I CHOOSE to be gay, and make my life twice as hard. I didn’t make myself this way, God did.

She sings it word for word, I am on the right track, he didn’t make any mistakes, because I was Born This Way. It left me smiling, and just really appreciated she took the time, whether in 10 minutes or 5 days to write a song everyone can relate to.

So family and friends, love and respect everyone for who they are, if you believe in Capital HIM, respect what he did, he created everyone the way he had us in mind, race, orientation, and disabilities. Love them and me for who we are.



Ann said...

I absolutely love this song, and love your post! Definitely no mistake, you are perfect just the way you are. :)

Ab Machine said...

its very nice song. i heard it after long time. really great.