Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend So Far

Hey All-

Saturday here, not much to do. Been working all weekend. Trying to think of places to fly to. I had a funny incident with my Cochlear Implant the other day.

I was holding my Umbrella in the rain, and suddenly everything went quiet. I felt around and realized the magnet on my head detached itself and flew off my head and attached itself to the metal rod of the Umbrella...Guess it didn't wanna get wet either!

Yesterday, I had to decline a State of Illinois Credit Card at work. Little ironic that it got declined, shows the financial ruins of our state doesn't it?

No plans for Spring Break yet, I have been so slow in traveling. I haven't flown since October when I went to Los Angeles with a friend. Had a good time!

Weekend is going good so far, hope you guys are enjoying yours. Need some warm weather soon!


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