Monday, January 19, 2009

Life as a CSA-Part 2

Hello All. I wanted to go into the next topic. COS or also known as Customer of Size. This simply refers to passengers who are to large to sit in an airline seat comfortably. However be aware this does not mean if you are fat, or obese you cannot sit in the seat. Southwest Airlines has a unique rule in that if you are too large to sit in your seat comfortably and you require too raise one of the arm rest to sit, you will be required to purchase a second seat at the lowest cost possible at the time of booking. Why do we impose this on our large Customers? We do this for the safety of you, and those passengers sitting around the obese passenger. No, I am sorry to say this is NOT discrimination at the least. Southwest has been sued many times for this and have never lost, because it is not discrimination at all.

What safety is we talking about one would probably ask? As much as you as an obese person claim you have the right to the seat, and should not have to pay for the second seat, that Customer who purchased his seat next to you does not have the right to have his seat taken up by the obese person next to them. This is why require them to purchase the second seat. We get many more complaints about passengers whose seat was taken up by an obese passenger than we do by the obese passenger complaining about having to purchase an extra seat. It is uncomfortable situation for the airline employee, for the obese passenger and especially for the passenger who has to sit by them.

Someone has asked “I saw a guy use a seatbelt extension and he didn’t have to buy a second seat” Once again; we are not concerned about how large you are in front of even by side or anywhere. Our guideline rule is “if you must raise the armrest to sit in a comfortable position you are required to purchase a second seat”.

“But, the flight isn’t full, why are you making us purchase a second seat?” We do this for CONSISTENCY. So if the flight is full on the next time you fly Southwest, you cannot say to the agent “well they didn’t make me book a second seat last time”. This is why we do this, we strive to maintain consistency.

The good news is, if one can find any good news in all of this. If there is even ONE seat open on board the aircraft, YOUR SECOND TICKET WILL BE REFUNDED, CASH BACK. You simply need to call the Customer Service folks and they will be happy to do that process for you.

Drunk People…Oh Lord are they everywhere. Drunk People cannot be blamed on us, no way no how not ever. YOU chose to drink that beverage, once you do so, you are at our discretion of whether you can fly or not. If you show signs of being drunk, you will not fly at all. I don’t care WHO served you the alcohol, no one forced you to drink it. If you continue to resist against us you will be arrested and escorted off the airport property.

More to come! Questions or Comments leave them here!


J.Matheson said...

Like I said on Geo's site.. Those fat people who expect people to accomodate them piss me off because they are simply fat and I as non-fat person don't have to suffer at their expense. I once had to sit by fat woman on a long range flight and it was totally uncomfortable so I complained to the attendant. The only option is that I sit with them in the jumper... Which I did and I was much comfortable sitting there.

ABout drunk people.... dont ask me.. :)

Anonymous said...

What about huge people who are bodybuilders, weightlifters, sumo wrestlers, etc.? Can they be considered as COS?

Seek Geo said...

I understand the reason behind this for COS even tho I feel bad for people who were asked to pay second ticket especially in front of people waiting in the line.

I guess to avoid to pay second ticket, they'd better off sitting in first class since the seat is a bit more bigger than coach class or am I wrong?

Hey Anon,

From what I understand, it doesn't matter if you are huge, big, etc just as long as the arm stays down between seat and if one of arms is up, you will be charged for second seat.


Alex said...

Wow I have flown in Jumper, and it ins't the best seat in the plane for me haha.

Anonymous-As Geo pointed out, irregardless of the actualy physical size of your body, if you have to raise the arm rest on one side you are considered a COS and will be asked to purchase a second seat.

Geo- You are right, but Southwest Airlines does NOT have First Class seat, so they have to purchase a 2nd seat in coach or not fly Southwest Airlines at all. What would make it easier for both of us is if they read the contract of carriage and booking rules on and notice they may be asked to purchase a second seat and do so online before they come to the airport.

Thanks to you all for reading.