Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going through a Drive-Thru.

People go through drive thru’s all the time! It is almost second nature for most people. I on the other hand, had never gone through a drive-thru. It was my thinking deaf people just couldn’t use them. After all, they didn’t have subtitles, no way in hell I could understand the person speaking to me. I would just go inside and order instead.

However, I found myself having to utilize a drive-thru for the first time last year back in 2007. I had just landed from Las Vegas in STL, late at night, around 10:30pm. Most McDonalds I knew were open all night in St. Louis. So I drove to one near my apartment and drove up.


The Lobby was closed. Crap, crap, crap…I was starving too! I didn’t feel like making anything back at my apartment. Then I looked and remembered the drive thru was open. Hmmh. Should I go for it? Well, if I want to eat I have to!

I pulled out my cell phone and called the one person on planet earth who would be able to help me out!

“Mom? Hi, it’s Alex; I need your help getting through a drive thru please”

“Alex? What… I thought you were in Vegas, and why are you calling so late, ALEX its 10:30 AND YOU WANT TO EAT NOW?!”

Well! I heard THAT loud and clear through my Cell!

“Mom, I am starving to death and McDonalds has a drive thru open and I need your help getting through, so I wanted to know what to expect.”

“Oh Geez Alex, it’s late. But all right, first you need to figure out what you want then pull up to the window. A loud beep will ring through alerting you drove over the hose type thing on the ground. You may or may not hear it (I actually didn’t). Then someone is going to speak and probably say “Welcome to McDonalds, May I take your order”

I acknowledged the instructions so far, and I pulled up to the machine. I was half expecting THIS guy to pop out at me! :)

 I didn’t hear a beep. Hmmh, maybe I didn’t pull up close enough—HELLO WELCOME TO MCDONALDS, MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER PLEASE?! Rang through the window and right into my face!

I told him I wanted a 6 piece chicken nuggets, a Large Coke and medium fries.

“Now Alex, he is going to repeat your order and ask would you like anything else, you then say No, and he will tell you how much the price is and then depending on the location you pay at the first window and get the food in the 2nd window or you do both at the same window”

I said “No thanks, that’s all” after I heard a 2nd line come through (had no earthly idea what he said…) and I DID hear him say the price though! $6.35! I had a 10 dollar bill so I was good! I had forgotten this place only accepts cash through the drive thru so luckily I had cash on me! I was a good boy, and didn’t gamble in Vegas!

I drove up to the first window and handed him my Ten. He gave me the change back and told me to proceed to the 2nd window to pick up my order. I thanked mom for all her help, said Love ya and good night and hung up. Good Old momma for doing that for me! I pulled up to the 2nd window, and got my order, asked for BBQ sauce! Gotta have the BBQ Sauce!!!

 Got my order, and I drove home. I was so excited I was able to go thru a drive thru. Yes I had my momma help me, but could have easily misunderstood them and screwed up my order even more. But now I know that I can go through a drive-thru now!

Has anyone else had any experience going through a drive thru yourself? Funny incidents, horrible incidents? I would love to hear them!


Seek Geo said...

Ha funny story!

I have done through drive-thru many times long time ago when I worked late shift and I never had one problem at all.


Not ONE problem. How I did is to process to the menu sign and stopped in front of it for at least a few seconds then processed to the window. The reason I did that is to let them know that there was a car at the menu so they'd expect a car coming up wondering why they did not order.

When I get to the window, I simply just handled paper to them, they took it and set up the order then I was good to go with all food I ordered for. A few of them were confused for a second or two, tho.

But I gotta tell you one time after my usual going through drive-thru, the casher was so thrilled that I'm deaf so she started to sign some ASL. Oh, believe me it made me feel good how much she was excited to show me some ASL but... there were people behind me waiting to get their orders. She completely forgot about them for like a couple of mins, haha.

Other than that, no bad memories or anything big stories to tell beside that ASL part.


Jay said...

I do use the drive thru, and starting to use it less and less due how long it takes, and the gas that is wasted. Lot of people are using them and going in less. so I go in instead to get my order a lot faster.

I one time went to Taco Bell to grab a bite to eat, and I drove up and ordered the soft shell taco, since I hate lettuce, and tomatoes I told the gal that I want the soft shell taco comb with only cheese, and sour cream. She repeated of what I said, and I said correct. I drive up, get my order, and head to home.

I grab my taco, and removed the paper wrapping, and took a bite into the taco. It was cold! I took a lot at my taco, and it was ONLY Cheese and sour cream! There was no MEAT! I took it back on my way back to work, and they gave me a new order with meat this time.

McDonald now has a screen so you can see what you have ordered and I haven't seen anyone else doing that around here.

Anonymous said...

Use pen and paper to take order at any restaurant drive-thru. I never have any problems with this. I do not speak, lipreading, nor hear. I wrote down and have paper ready. go the window, I gave it to them and took orders. plain and simple.

Misha said...

Alex...oh, Alex!

If I were your mom, I would have flown all the way to Vegas to give you a good bopping for calling me at "ungodly" hour. LOL!

I've used the drive in fast food with my kids only. Right now we don't go to fast food places anymore because they taste like papers and sawdusts. UGH! LOL

Misha :D

J.J. said...

What I do is stop before the hose. Let traffic back up behind me until I am sure I can drive right up to the window without a car in front of me. I do this so nobody behind me orders before I do. Then I take my time and write down my order. Drive over the hose, pause 2-3 seconds then drive up to the window and bang on it and give the guy my order.

Simple....but one time in a LONG line in which I couldn't stop and let all 5-6 cars in front of me to go thru first..I wrote down my out of the car and handed it to a woman in the car behind me.

Howie said...

I ran into your blog through seek geo's blog. I have to say I liked it. Very entertaining. I linked you to my blog.

Hope that's ok! Keep up the great posts.

Abbie said...

I'm no stranger to the drive through but I always had to learn their "language" of what to expect before hand. I really hated when they started asking if I wanted to "biggie" size something. Ugh! After two or three times of getting a grocery bag full of fries, I learned :)

Lis said...

I don't normally go through blogs & do research but randomly I found your blog. I did notice the title on the top of your site & did not expect to see hard of hearing which I am too. I was stoked!! I have to mention after reading over your blog, that picture you included with Ronald McDonald really cracked me up!!! I do wish that could happen someday haha

For my experience I'd like to share, most places here in jersey only require drive-thru during late hours especially at Dunkin Donuts. I would stop at the menu section in order for them to suspect a customer. After hearing mumbled voices through the speaker, I'd let them talk and talk through the speaker while I look at the menu to decide & then I say one minute! Then I'll drive to the window, I would wave to them & kindly request an order take out - things went smoothly and they were fine with everything understanding that I could not hear through the speaker. Sweet & short as it was. They are people working to make some money and their goal is to satisfy their customers so no worries at all =)