Saturday, August 9, 2008

George Carlin "Airline Announcement" Subtitled!

Hey Everyone!

For those who have kept up with my blogs know I am a huge fan of flying and aviation. I also love comedy and being funny. It is just something I do and say sometimes without thinking about it. People who know me know I typo like crazy on AIM, and blurt out sexual innuendos without thinking about it. It almost always results in extreme laughter and a great time. One of my favorite actors and comedian was George Carlin. He did have some racist and not so good jokes and history back then but one thing I always loved to listen to was his special edition of Airline Announcements. I took the time to subtitle both videos for everyone to enjoy. This is one of the MOST watched videos on you tube and anywhere else, and I know some are frustrated with the lack of subtitles. Well, you don't have to wait anymore! Here they are!!! Please enjoy them!

Airline Announcement Part 1

Airline Announcement Part 2


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Seek Geo said...

LMAO.. ah yes gotta love that video. Normally, I find it very difficult to find many comedians funny so George Carlin was one of very few I admire and even understand many of his jokes. I watched it 3 times already and I still laugh!!

RIP, George Carlin.. we will never forget you.