Thursday, March 3, 2011

Upcoming weekend

Hey All--

Well end of another week, so glad Friday is here! I have been busy typing up a paper for my LAST Saturday Class of the Semester! It was an airport planning class, that met every Saturday from 8am to 4:30pm, very long but since it talked about aviation I didn't mind it too much. Just dragged, and waking up at 6:30am, for an 8am class is not fun to do but it was only once a week.

We had a chilly week, but then it started getting nice again. We had another Tornado Warning Sunday, so we had to go to the basement and take cover. The storm ended up being only literally 5 minutes passing our city so we were like "that's it?!" Oh well it did kind of screw up the TV and Satellite, so our TV actually kind of froze for 2 days. I missed all my shows I normally tape! :(

Thursdays means Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice for me, glad I get to watch those again. I miss Glee, can't wait to see it again next week.

I got four more Plane models in 1:400 scale. They are American Airlines MD80, Virgin America Airbus A320, Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300, and finally my personal favorite, TWA L1011. Cost about 95 bucks total, YIKES! :(

I am still trying to get my plans for Spring Break a bit more concrete, Chicago is still where I am planning to fly to, it's a matter of can I make it on the plane with the flight loads, and during Spring Break? It;s very risky but I'll try it! Will be quite an adventure.

I work Saturday Night from 5-9pm, and Sunday 12-5:30pm, typical weekend. Looks like more rain, I wish the nice weather would come back! It is march for god's sake!

I had a craving for Oreos and Twizzlers, so unhealthy for me but you know how you get a sugar rush craving so, I had to buy it. I'll regret it later I am sure.

Until then, hope ya'll have a great weekend! :)



Lauren C said...

Sounds like if you gave into that craving you would have to spend some time on ab machines!

prudhvi said...

hey Alex i was checking next blog and found your one. your blog's name 'Deaf Man trying to find his place in a Hearing World' is make me have to discover about you more...i am sorry i don't know this blog still exist or not..but if yes plzzz inform me more about yourself and that you found your place yet..thanx :)

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