Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trip, Music, Stories and more!

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! How you all doing?! I have been so amazingly busy the past month or so working and hanging with friends once again. I am trying to maximize my summer days here in good old Southern Illinois before school starts for me in August! I have been busy doing more music videos so be sure to check that out also!

I did endure a tiny setback once again about choosing Cued Speech over ASL. My mother ran into an interpreter who works for a local community college. They got to talking and that person found out Mom and I attended the same meeting for incoming deaf college students at the college. They made more small talk, and she said “what on earth was that thing you were doing with your hands?! It looked like you were waving it all over making fun of yourself!” Mom said “It is called cued speech, and it has worked very well for us for many years” The Interp said “well what was wrong with sign language, it is the best language to use and you should have used that for your son instead of this cued thing” She continued on to say how Mom had made a poor choice and should have stuck with something that was well known (ASL) and I would have blended better with the community and such. There really was not much else to say, it was obvious she had her own opinions and mom already made her decision about me a long time ago. The interp did admit how hilarious we were at the meeting so I’m glad she noticed that.

No updates on the cochlear side. My new hearing molds are in I believe. So sometimes next week I may need to pick them up. Can’t wait to see how they are!

I got my bill for my Classes in the fall! I hope financial aid works out for me!!! Ugh! I can’t wait though to go back to school, I am looking forward to my one Aviation Class I am planning to take there called Aviation Mgmt. I am also taking a Math Class (yuck…) as well as Anthropology 2, and Art 2 also!

Oh, more updates on the Great Lakes Airline incident story on them changing my flight times. The Airline was saying I need to fax my ticket over for the refund and I’m saying “ticket?! I haven’t had a ticket in 8 yrs airlines stopped issuing tickets long time ago!” Since everything is done by email or sent online. So I’m panicking going American Airlines didn’t send me a ticket how I can send u a proof of ticket?! I don’t have a paper ticket so I said to the agent all I have is an e-ticket but it’s online by email I cant fax that to you.
She goes "sir you may print off the e-ticket off your email and fax that in as a copy"
"Oh...what’s the fax number then?!:-D"

Talk about a lapse in judgment. I just absolutely was not thinking at all. When I worked at Southwest, we did not have tickets, only etickets or boarding passes so I was used to how we did things at the airline I worked for an was convinced I messed up on something with American Airlines and their “tickets” ha-ha. However glad to say my refund should finally be processed now and I expect the money back in 1 or 2 cycling bills!

I am really preparing now to go visit Geo and Jes July 26th! I am really looking forward to it! Haven’t seen them in over 2 months, and as much as I love this state I am ready to leave it again! I miss flying too! Haven’t flown in over 2 months! Abbie flew, and a bunch of you guys did also for the Reno Convention and Geo and Jes did now it’s my turn!!! Hopefully I can upgrade to First Class!!! I will start packing probably middle of next week, collecting things for the big pack Friday night. I work every day now except tomorrow so the week will fly by fast!!! Will definitely bring my camera and expect a huge blog when I come back!

Oh I also finally got myself a Blackberry curve!!! Abbie kept bugging me to get one and I knew Geo had one and heard good things from them so I gave in and bought it. Verizon who I am with offered me a nice discount to upgrade and so I went in. Walked around, looked for phones that had high hearing aid compatibility and nothing beat the Curve. They looked at my account and saw I had previously worked for SWA and had an employee account with them and said because of that they could offer me a higher discount. In fact walking around the store thinking what to upgrade, I couldn’t stop singing the song “upgrade you” by Beyonce. Such a catchy song and one of the songs verizon actually used in a commercial! So I walked out of the verizon store with a blackberry in my pocket and 123 bucks less. Yep only cost me 123 dollars to buy the phone! Not a bad deal at all in my opinion! So now of course I have been BB like crazy! That’s blackberry-ing pervs!!!

I think that is it for now! Have a great weekend and safe travels if you go anywhere!!!



Abbie said...

You know what was interesting, I was over my friends house for a "ASL Class" and we were talking about the different types of terps, some full ASL, some terp with English/ASL combined and when I brought up "cued speech," they never heard of it. So I showed them an example of cued for the "I love you" sign you showed me. They had NO idea :)

That is awesome that you are getting a refund due to them screwing up your schedule. Extra moola in your pocket is always a great thing :) You are going to have a lot more fun now that you are going to stay a week.

I'm so glad you got the BB curve :) Listen to Abbie's golden rule and you shall prosper, "Abbie is always right."

*huge grin* :)

Seek Geo said...

Hi Alex!!

Woo hoo, only 7 more days before we know it, you'd be here cooking us dinner!! Dammit, I'm not suppose to say it outloud. I understand you are here for vacation but.. cook us dinner! :-D

We will definitely have a lot of blast, we already have plans like going to Seattle for the night then go down to Portland for the night before coming back here, yay!

Well, sorry what your mom had to face that kind of person.. that is something we all have to face these kind of people with very strong opinions, what they forget about one thing is if they can't be treated the way they want if they don't treat others the same. Like I always say treat others the way you want to be treated, simple as that.

That's why I'm trying to treat everyone the same as possible since I'd like to be treated the same way.

I think you'd look hot wearing pink molds!! *grins*

Look forward to see you next week, we have drinks here ready!! Let's pa-aaarrrty!!!