Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Captioned Videos to laugh at!

Hello Folks-

I spent some time editing and captioning some videos ,2 clips from I LOVE LUCY, and a brief comic clip from Mama's Family. Enjoy them!


Luxy and Ethel-Chocolate Factory

Mama and Eunice having laughs!

Hope you enjoyed them! :)



Seek Geo said...

Hey Alex!

Ha ha.. thanks soo much for adding captions on these videos for all of us to enjoy. You ROCK!

No matter how many times I watched these, I still laugh all way to end!!

Good job! :-D


DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Anything with "I love Lucy", I always enjoy watching it with or without closed caption, she was amazing person. Thanks for adding the video clips.

Misha said...

Awesome job you did!
I still love Lucy! I'd never get tired of watching those shows.

Misha :D

David K. said...

LOL! LOL! I'm a big fan of Lucy! Thanks for sharing those videos with captions you did good job! I've never stop watching Lucy shows.

David K. ;^)

Anonymous said...

i remember i love lucy long time ago without closed caption when i was little boy but i love it due too much action so funny and finally gotta closed caption but i going to catch up show with closed caption really i love it good best show champion funny !!!

Abbie said...

Big A,

Watching this brought back so many memories! Last night when I was watching them I realized where my infatuation with latin men came from. Ricky and that suave voice, so hot, so mooth, so muy caliente :)

Feel free to do a couple more :)

Lll A

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you for this C.C. Good job ! Keep up with old good tv shows ! Thanks again !